Screening of Employees (Know your candidates)

A company’s success and reputation are built from the ground up, and it centers around the integrity of its employees who represent the brand. Therefore, it is vital that employees embrace the brand values and culture.

We can help design and improve integrity and compliance programs so that all onboarding of employees is aligned with company and brand values. We’ve worked successfully with many Fortune 500 companies on identifying gaps in management.

Provident Group provides a slew of solutions that are designed to build, monitor and maintain integrity and compliance at every stage of engagement with employees throughout their respective engagement with the company. These include:

Our pre-employment screening process will help you to fully understand more about your employee candidates and business partners before you partner with them. This will ensure that you employ or onboard the right partners

Companies aren’t created equally, therefore we don’t implement a one-size-fits all process. Each company has different maturity levels so there are various recommendations at every stage to ensure optimal ROI

the first step to assessing your employee risks is to know who the potential hire is. Once complete, we examine the root issues causing problems and address them to make a final recommendation.

online and on-site training adds value to your business. Our innovative adaptive learning software reduces employee training time by 50% as has been reported.

We sift through the tedious work, so you don’t have to and provide with software to manage all your compliance needs

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