About Us


The Provident Group assists companies and organization to make more effective executive decisions in the selection of key stakeholders. We do this by providing highly robust data and database intelligence, business risk analysis, and real-time ratings and reviews.

The Provident Group helps companies by providing our unparalleled, curated data, robust intelligence reporting and up to date rating solutions. Our proven track record ensures that clients can make better decisions when selecting the companies, suppliers and people they partner with. Access to this highly comprehensive data allows business leaders not only to meet their own statutory compliance requirements, but also to up-level their own standards for a better future for the company while committing to a more socially responsible impact on the communities they serve.

Our philosophy is centered around helping organizations realize their own critical responsibilities in putting an end to corporate corruption, money laundering, and child and slave labor practices and more. We model the utmost dedication and commitment to the highest standards of ethics, compliance and social governance for the companies and clients we serve. In that way, we can ensure that we will all make a powerful and positive societal impact.

To date, we have created more than 500,000 profiles on companies and people involved in business engagement globally, and a large percentage of whom are in emerging markets.

Our data, intelligence and technology solutions include:

  • Providing comprehensive insight and knowledge on customers and partners
  • Assistance with the selection and management of suppliers and resellers, distributors and vendors, agents, franchisees, charitable organizations and donors, customers, and employee candidates
  • Risk management to assess integrity and ethics or all potential partners

The Provident Group Solutions

Continuous improvement and a deep commitment and dedication to building optimal solutions that add value to our clients’ businesses is our highest priority. We achieve this by providing the most comprehensive and detailed intelligence reporting on private companies throughout the world. Our client track record of better decision making, and complete customer satisfaction is unparalleled by industry competitors. We are proud of the consistent record of success and achievement.

Our proprietary portfolio of solutions and services has been constructed specifically to help our clients make best practice decisions that will grow their integrity profile as well as their profitability.

The Ultimate in Due Diligence Reports

Confidence in our reporting is the goal. We have unprecedented access to information for our clients because we employ only the top experts in research. We are committed to providing clients with intelligence and advisement on potential partners.

Our background checks, known as Provident Check and Integrity Due Diligence reports are more than an assortment of media articles, watchlists, questionnaire and surveys or interview responses, they are the most robust and comprehensive reports in the industry.

Screening Database

Our members have access to the most up-to-date, real-time information regarding risky or bad actors and heightened risk for entities. It is all aggregated into a central database to help you make informed business decisions, and avoid costly legal, financial, and reputational damage.

We deliver added value by offering continuous improvement and acting as leaders and changemakers in the industry. We are committed to creating meaningful and practical solutions that are tailored to our client’s needs.

With Provident Group you have access to the best technology platform for onboarding and the leading industry expertise around information verification. Clients also have access to our existing and vast databases of companies and people that you seek to engage as potential partners.

The Firm is listed as an ISO 27001 Information Security Management Service in accordance with the standards for certification. This excellent standard provides our clients the external assurance to deal with an ever-evolving regulatory climate as well as the added assurance of that we adhere to the highest security standards.

The Firm has held its ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications from the BSI Group since 2010.

Provident- Group Promise

The Provident-Group Promise is what separates us from the pack. We are the leaders in an industry crowded with competition. However, what sets us apart is our commitment to you. Our clients need partners of the highest caliber and integrity. So, we offer a promise to bring something to more to the equation. We are committed to rising to the challenge in the same way that our elite clients do every day all around the globe.

We promise that our products and services in top of the line, the best-in-class. It is that very commitment to quality and high standards that we have named The Provident Group promise.

Every area of our firm, rests on the foundation of that promise and commitment. We believe it is this proactive approach to competing with our standard of excellence that continues to make us the best at what we do and thus, allows us to provide the most effective compliance program to our clients.

Ethics and Values

Our global standard, companywide code of ethics and values, contains the principles and standards of conduct which continue to reaffirm our commitment to corporate and social responsibility and serve to promote the highest level of set values we can offer. And, as we continue to evolve, so too will our standards as we always strive for the highest level of excellence in never ending commitment to you, our esteemed clients.

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