Corporate Development

Whether you seek to target ripe acquisitions or to conduct due diligence, we can assist you in company selection by identifying those with the highest commitment to integrity, ethics and a demonstrated understanding of compliance.

Our Provident Corporate development and mergers and acquisitions teams are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals for expansion and business growth, either through organic customer development or through the acquisition of partners and/or competitors.

As is customary for Provident Group, we will also help you uncover any compliance and integrity risks associated with your desired target list of companies, as well as their executives, directors and shareholders.

Business intelligence is used in corporate development:

  • to aid in the negotiation of any compliance matters that come up and in contract closings that need to be completed post-investment
  • to investigate whether the owners and/or key personnel have prior integrity, ethics or compliance violations or issues
  • to gain a thorough understanding of the companies’ reputations their operating practices

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