Use Third-Party Onboarding: Get the Competitive Advantage (Your third-party onboarding platform)

Provident Group’s third-party onboarding team utilizes an integrated, meticulous and practical platform which manages the key areas of your compliance regimen. Make more rewarding decisions on your third parties by using third party onboarding to your advantage.

Utilize our systems to manage your third parties across their entire lifespan. The Provident Third Party Watch program monitors compliance risk assessments, issues due diligence reports, screens, monitors, audits and reports in real time as well as offboarding.

Screening and Due Diligence Reporting

At Provident Group we implement real-time analysis, reporting and monitoring of new sanctions, additions to watchlists, of politically exposed persons and state-owned entities and any red flag about which you should be alerted. Our reporting process provides you with the confidence in knowing that you will have access to the most recent information on demand.

On Demand Compliance Insights

  • Your personalized compliance data is available from one centralized location
  • We utilize a holistic approach that includes transparency and integrated views on demand
  • Quick access to insights and trends in your compliance plan to make vital executive decisions
  • Access to data on how your compliance plan is impacting your bottom line

The Competitive Edge of Staying in Compliance

  • Advantageously use technology and data to proactively monitor and manage integrity breaches and risks
  • Global access to experts and reporting manage your business and third parties
  • Compliance Provident Program is available in multiple languages

Automation and Seamless Integration

  • Clients will receive automated alerts to ensure your maintain compliance consistently and at critical milestones so that you stay in compliance as regulations change
  • Leverage advanced technology to get a comprehensive view of your compliance data.
  • Aggregated data is automated – no need to re-type information
  • A historical compliance report on employees and third parties is available in real time, 24/7 in all locations
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