Screening of Customers (Know Your Customers)

We aid companies to utilize best practice monitoring assessment when selecting the right customers, suppliers and business partners for their needs. We provide comprehensive data, robust intelligence and a 10-point rating system that works across all industries and countries.

Customer profiling as been at the forefront of industry management for decades. It is essential to know your customers to increase profitability.

Customer Profiling – Knowing Your Customer is Vital

Wouldn’t you invest in protection software if you knew it might protect you from a customer that has a bad reputation, or one that is involved in money schemes, or one who is trading your products on the black market, or is involved in any kind of fraud? The answer should be, “categorically, yes.” In order to fully compete with big business, you need to be made aware that there are legal and reputational risks in dealing with bad actors. Protect your business now, rather than pay later.

Dissimilar to the financial industry, there aren’t many regulations governing corporations that require business owners to implement Customer Profiling programs in most corporations. The responsibility is then put on the company to be proactive and to decide what level of risk they want to engage in order to sell to a paying customer.

Customer Profiling Solutions for Corps Include:

  • Aiding with the onboarding process of new customers by providing proprietary technology, customer screening and due diligence reporting
  • Sharing our database through licensing, with companies and people who would like to alert for compliance issues across a whole spate of areas. The licensing is available to those companies that wish to use it to filter their client base and integrate it into their own onboarding systems
  • Identifying risks in transactional arrangements, to ensure that our clients partner with the right customers and are covered by the right level of protection.
  • Risk management and monitoring for new customers on issues around contract compliance, sanctions, and ethical and legal/regulatory behavior
  • The delivery of due diligence reports on selected high-risk customers
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