Human Resources Advisement

We provide additional HR resources to help your team to make the best decisions when onboarding employees or contractors.

The HR team centers on a foundation with a dedication to help human resources teams hire only the best employees and contractors. We screen and review to recommend only those who will add value to your business and who will align with your brand integrity and values. Our assistance helps to minimize potential integrity and compliance risks, especially those that can leave a company legally exposed.

Why the Provident Group?

Expertise on Content

Our team of experts have a comprehensive understanding of the laws and best practices of globally. We seek to outperform by helping you to sift through and hire the most qualified candidates.

Flexible Approach

Our program provides a flexible approach to help you select the best employees and contractors in accordance with local legal mandates and in terms of what is best for your company.

Fixed Price Assurance

Our commitment to transparency in all our practices means we are upfront about our fees and set fixed prices at the start. This promise ensures no room for error or misinterpretation.

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