Why Provident Data Check? (Compliance & Regulatory screening)

Each risk segment is measured against a 10-point risk scale

The total risk scores (with points deducted for each identified risk factor) is listed for each section are then totaled to arrive at a final risk score for your business partner.

Provident Group Rating System boasts a ten-point proprietary risk-rating system. This ten-point rating scale allows you to make more efficient decisions in the selection of your business partners. The Provident Group Proprietary rating system can also be customized specifically to fit your risk level. Our due diligence reports comprise a set of aggregated media features, watchlist reports, surveys, question and answer interviews. Our expert consultants critically review and analyze each data source and deliver a summation that is tailored to how it is relevant for you.


Without using protective software and data analysis like Provident Watch, to protect your company, you can incur exorbitant fees due to costly errors in judgment. Provident Watch Compliance Screening is structured to be the first line of defense to protect you from working with companies that are high risk or have a deleterious track record in business, compliance, ethics, or integrity.

At Provident Group, we have a robust Provident Watch® Compliance Screening program that includes comprehensive database of people and companies that are listed on government sanctions or watchlists, or those people who are politically exposed, are state-owned entities, or that have been identified by reputable sources as presenting a risk in one or more key risk areas.

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